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ACC Microelectronics - Auctor Corp  Profile

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ACC Microelectronics - Auctor Corp  Company Overview

Auctor Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara California, evolved from ACC Microelectronics Corporation (ACC Micro), a leading manufacturer of Low Power Logic (LPL) controller chips. Today, the company's strengths lie in its ability to design and produce Single Chip Solutions - innovative, single chip system controllers - for 16, 32 and 64-bit, x86 and RISC-based portable system designs.

This company is no longer in business and no longer maintains an active website.

ACC Microelectronics - Auctor Corp  Products

The types of products manufactured by ACC Microelectronics - Auctor Corp include Connectivity Controllers, Pentium-Class System Controllers, 486-Class Super Chips, 486-Class System Controllers, 386sx-Class System Controllers, Peripheral Controllers & Buffers, and Mixed-Signal ICs.

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