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AND Optoelectronics - Purdy Electronics  Profile

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AND Optoelectronics - Purdy Electronics  Company Overview

AND Optoelectronics has been a manufacturer of high performance LEDs and LED-based segment displays for over 30 years. The company's 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm ultra bright LED lamps are high-performance solutions for wire lead lamps.

AND also specializes in surface mount LED lamps and offers a wide variety of options and packages, including flat, domed, top, and right angle options. LED segment displays are available in seven-segment and sixteen-segment versions, a variety of sizes, colors, intensities, and cathode or anode polarity.

AND Optoelectronics - Purdy Electronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by AND Optoelectronics - Purdy Electronics include Red LED Lamps, Orange-Amber LED Lamps, Yellow LED Lamps, Green LED Lamps, Blue and White LED Lamps, Dual Color LED Lamps, LED Lamps with Special Shaped Packages, Red 7 & 16 Segment LED Displays, and Green 7 & 16 Segment LED Displays.

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