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Advanced Semiconductor - ASI  Profile

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Advanced Semiconductor - ASI  Company Overview

Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI), founded in 1979, manufactures RF power transistors and microwave diodes. ASI is an ISO 9001 registered company that specializes in manufacturing obsolete and hard-to-find components for both replacement purposes and new designs. Its line of RF power transistors primarily replaces those from Motorola, Philips, and SGS Thomson. Its line of microwave diodes primarily replaces those from HP, M/A-COM, Alpha, and Loral/Frequency sources.

Advanced Semiconductor - ASI  Products

The types of products manufactured by Advanced Semiconductor - ASI include RF Power Transistors: HF Transistors, VHF Transistors, UHF Transistors, Pulsed Avionics Transistors, Pulsed Radar Transistors, CW Microwave Transistors, and Broadcast Transistors, Microwave Diodes: Beam Lead Detector Diodes, Beam Lead Mixer Diodes, Beam Lead Pin Diodes, HF, VHF and UHF Hyperabrupt Diodes, Limiter Diodes, Microwave Hyperabrupt Diodes, Multiplier Diodes, Pin/Nip Switching Diodes, Point Contact Detector Diodes, Point Contact Mixer Diodes, Schottky Detector Diodes, Schottky Mixer Diodes, Step Recovery Diodes and Tuning Diodes.

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