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Alectron  Profile

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Alectron  Company Overview

Alectron Corp. offers a large variety of custom molded cable and adapter assemblies for a broad industrial customer base. These assemblies are built to exacting specifications to fit our customers' individual proprietary applications. Alectron can also, by way of conforming to specific engineering requirements, provide an increased level of flexibility to its customers that allows for greater design freedom. The end result is that Alectron's customers receive an attractively priced assembly that fits their requirements, rather than modifying their design needs to fit an available product.

Alectron  Products

The types of products manufactured by Alectron include Custom Cable Assemblies, Standard Cable Assemblies: Unshielded Jumpers, Shielded Patch Cords, Power Cords, Mini DIN, Coaxial, and Audio Extension. Connectors: RCA, UHF Coaxial, Standard MIC, Primary Power Receptacles, Miniature Audio, Gold Audio, and DC Power. Jacks and Plugs: Test Probes, Phono Plugs, Phono Jacks, Phone Plugs Subminiature, Phone Plugs Standard, Phone Plugs Miniature, Phone Jacks Subminiature, Phone Jacks Standard, Phone Jacks Miniature, Phone Jacks In-Line, DIN Receptacles, DIN Plugs, Binding Posts, Banana Plugs, and Banana Jacks. Switches: Toggle, Slide, Thumbwheel, Rocker, and Pushbutton.

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