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Allen Avionics  Profile

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Allen Avionics  Company Overview

Allen Avionics, Inc. is a major U.S. manufacturer of precision LC filters and electro-magnetic delay lines for the electronics industry. Products range from D.C. to 5GHz and are used in electronic equipment found in video studios to satellite communications systems and everything in between. In addition, Allen Avionics has a long-standing reputation for on-time delivery of custom-engineered filters, designed and manufactured to meet specific applications.

Allen Avionics  Products

The types of products manufactured by Allen Avionics include Video Delay Lines, General Purpose Delay Lines, Analog & Digital Delay Lines, Video Hum Eliminators, Home Theatre, Audio & Video, Isolation Transformers, Precision LC Filters, Precision Filters for Testing, Video Filters, Brickwall Filters, HDTV Filters, Video Equalizers, Networks and Attenuators.

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