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Alpha Mag Electronics  Profile

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Alpha Mag Electronics  Company Overview

Incorporated as Talema Electronic, LLC in July 2001, a spin-off from Amveco Magnetics, Inc., Alpha Mag Electronics began operations as the exclusive North American agent for the Talema International Group, specializing in high frequency magnetics for switching power supplies, line filtering, LAN products, and telephony.

The company name was changed to AlfaMag Electronics LLC in January 2004.

Alpha Mag Electronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by Alpha Mag Electronics include Telecomms & Network Products: 56Kbps Modem Transformers, ISDN Transformers/Modules, ADSL Transformers/Modules, HDSL/SHDSL/SDSL Transformers, VDSL Modules, E1/T1/S2M Magnetics, E3/T3 Magnetics, 10Base T, 10/100Base T, 1000Base T, Fibre/TwinAx/ATM/RF, and Data Line Chokes. Inductors & Chokes: Power Inductors & Chokes, and Common Mode Chokes. EMI Suppression: Data Line Chokes, and Common Mode Chokes. Current Transformers: 50/60Hz Current Transformers and High Frequency Current Sensors. AlfaMag Power Products: Power Inductors and Power Supplies, and AlfaMag Standard EI Laminate Transformers.

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