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Amphenol Air LB  Profile

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Amphenol Air LB  Company Overview

Amphenol Air LB, a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, is a premier manufacturer of interconnects systems for Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications. An ISO 9001 certified company with Divisions in Canada, France and Germany, the company manufactures more than 5 million connectors annually specializing in Modules, Relay Sockets, Airframe Support systems and Rack & Panel connectors. With over 50 years of product development experience, Air LB products are robust, offering industry-leading performance in sealing, shock & vibration, Fiber Optics and High-Speed data transmission. Amphenol Air LB has the full range of inter-connect systems for Commercial & Military Airframe, Helicopter, Plant Automation and Robotics applications.

Amphenol Air LB  Products

The types of products manufactured by Amphenol Air LB include Modules, Rectangular Connectors, Relay Sockets, Circular Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Busbars, Thermocouples, Cable & Pipe Supports, and Rugged Sockets.

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