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Bujeon Components  Profile

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Bujeon Components  Company Overview

Bujeon is one of the World's leading manufacturers of acoustic components, offering inductive components, speakers, receivers, buzzers and ECM's. Primarily Bujeon serves the market segments of Telecommunications and Computing. This is reflected in its customer base which includes many leading, global, tier-one manufacturers of mobile phones, PDA's and consumer electronics.

Bujeon Components  Products

The types of products manufactured by Bujeon Components include SMD Magnetic Buzzers, Magnetic Buzzers, Piezo External Circuits, Piezo Internal Circuits, SMD Toroid Inductors, SMD Chokes & Filters, SMD Transformers, Speakers, Receivers, Speaker/Receivers, Double-Sided Speakers, Omni-Directional Microphones, Uni/Bi Directional Microphones, Rocker Switches, UI Type Transformers, Transformers, CI Type Transformers, LL Type Transformers, EFD Type Transformers, and EPC Type Transformers.

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