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Calogic  Profile

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Calogic  Company Overview

Calogic, LLC, a privately held company, was formed in March, 2001 to effect the purchase of the Calogic FAB in Fremont, CA from Sipex Corporation. Calogic offers standard products, special-selected, assembled and custom products. Primary technologies include unique, high speed Dielectrically Isolated designs with surface mount packaging to introduce wideband, high slew rate buffers; a wide variety of discrete capabilities that include high speed lateral DMOS, low on resistance vertical DMOS switches, low noise, low leakage JFETs and high impedance MOSFETs that are excellent building blocks for today's applications such as D to A converters, choppers, analog switches, buffers, amplifiers, automatic gain control, and relay circuitry.

Calogic  Products

The types of products manufactured by Calogic include Wideband CMOS and DMOS Analog Switches & Multiplexers, N-Channel DMOS FET Switches & Arrays, Vertical DMOS Switches (Enhancement Mode), JFET Switches, Low Noise JFET Amplifiers, Low Leakage JFET Amplifiers, Dual N-Channel JFET Amplifiers, High Gain JFET Amplifiers, Low Leakage Diodes, General Purpose JFET Amplifiers, MOSFETs, and Full Custom Analog ASIC Capabilities.

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