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Cyan Technologies  Profile

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Cyan Technologies  Company Overview

Cyan Holdings plc was founded in 2002, to acquire the intellectual property, licences and agreements necessary to support the manufacture, distribution and sale of the eCOG1k, a low power MCU aimed at handheld and mobile communication device manufacturers. Cyan's first product, eCOG1k, introduced in September 2003, has achieved 100 design wins and has 20 projects in production.

Having successfully introduced eCOG1, Cyan has started to market eCOG1X which offers additional peripherals, including USB and Ethernet. Certain applications and markets, such as personal entertainment products (in particular portable battery powered products), require a 32-bit MCUs. Cyan's second product family, eCOG2, has been designed as a general purpose 32-bit MCU.

Cyan Holdings plc operates through the brand 'Cyan Technology'.

Cyan Technologies  Products

The types of products manufactured by Cyan Technologies include Microcontrollers: eCOG - High Flexibility, High Featured, Very Low Power 16-bit Processors, and COG - Very Low Power, Multiple Features, Small Size 16-bit Processor Range.

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