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Data Device Corporation - DDC  Profile

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Data Device Corporation - DDC  Company Overview

Since its beginnings in 1964 with the introduction of the world's first synchro-to-digital converter module, Data Device Corporation (DDC) has taken the leadership position in high reliability data conversion interface products. DDC offers an extensive line of COTS/MOTS card, component and software products. As the leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 microprocessor and simple system interfaces, DDC continues to expand its offerings in ruggedized, test and simulation cards. DDC also supplies ARINC-429 cards and components for use on commercial aircraft. The company's product leadership extends to Synchro and Resolver cards and components for synchro/ resolver, LVDT, and encoders. DDC is also a supplier of Motor Drives for DC and induction motors, and the largest supplier of Solid State Remote Power Controllers, for replacing electromechanical relays in power management systems.

Data Device Corporation - DDC  Products

The types of products manufactured by Data Device Corporation - DDC include Fibre Channel Cards, Gigabit Ethernet Network Access Controllers, MIL-STD-1553 Cards, 1553 Terminals, 1553 to PCI Bridges, 1553 Space Products, 1553 IP, 1553 Transceivers, ARINC Cards, ARINC Components, Synchro and Resolver Cards, Resolver and Synchro To Digital Converters, Digital to Synchro and Resolver Conversion, Synchro and Resolver Special Function, Torque Loop Controllers, Power Amplifiers, Solid State Power Controller Cards, and Solid State Power Controllers.

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