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Dearborn Electronics  Profile

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Dearborn Electronics  Company Overview

The business was founded in 1952 in Chicago as Dearborn Electronics Laboratories manufacturing film and paper capacitors. We moved to Florida in 1959 and was purchased by Sprague Electronics in 1964. In 1992 a group of former managers purchased Sprague Electronics and the name changed to back to Dearborn Electronics. Dearborn manufactures film and paper capacitors, ceramic EMI filters and other related components for the Aerospace, Defense, Power Electronics and other electronics industries.

Dearborn Electronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by Dearborn Electronics include Polyester Film Capacitors, Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Polycarbonate Film Capacitors, Energy Storage Capacitors, Polyphenylene Sulfide Film Capacitors, Polyphenylene Sulfide Film/Foil Capacitors, Typical Characteristics, Application Specific, Custom Design & High Performance Films, Paper/Polyester Capacitors, Paper Foil Capacitors, Paper/Polyester Foil Capacitors, High Voltage Paper/Polyester Foil Capacitors, Military Approved Film Capacitors, Power Capacitors, Feed Through Capacitors, and EMI Filters.

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