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ECM Electronics  Profile

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ECM Electronics  Company Overview

Incorporated in 1988 and based in England, ECM Electronics Ltd is the UK's premier supplier of High Quality Inductive and Quartz based frequency control components. The Inductive range of products, including chip and power surface mount inductors, complement the company's established range of axial, radial, moulded and toroidal chokes. The advanced product group offers SMD transponder coils, high power chokes and toroidal transformers, Planer Transformers, high voltage ignition coils and custom inductive products. The frequency control portfolio includes quartz crystals, oscillators including OCXO, TCXO, Oven, TCVCXO, DTCXO, Quartz Filters and ceramic resonators.

ECM Electronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by ECM Electronics include Ceramic Resonators, Quartz Crystals, Quartz Oscillators, Quartz Filters, Axial & Radial Inductors, Surface Mount Inductors, Ultra High-Power Toroids, High Voltage Coils, Transponder Coils, Flat Mains Transformers, Toroidal and Power Devices, Surface Mount Power Inductors, Toroidal Transformers, Electronic Transformers, Planar Transformers, and ADSL Broadband Magnetics.

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