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Eichhoff Electronics  Profile

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Eichhoff Electronics  Company Overview

Eichhoff Electronics, Inc. founded in 1987, is the original North American distributor for products made by Eichhoff Electric of Germany. Eichhoff has designed and manufactured quality electromechanical products since 1919, and the process continues today in several European manufacturing facilities. Eichhoff components can be found in consumer & industrial products worldwide. Eichhoff products provide solutions to manufacturers to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI noise) in their products to meet international electromagnetic compliance (EMC) standards. Eichhoff's EMC suppression components include power line filters, filtered connectors, capacitors and chokes. All are designed and manufactured to meet international safety approvals in our ISO 9000 facilities. Eichhoff miniature transformers are used in various electrical & electronic control products. They are epoxy encapsulated to provide high VA rated isolation/step-down transformers in small packages. Our electronic igniters find uses in oil or gas heating & cooking products worldwide and the electromechanical buzzers are used in signaling applications, such as laundry products.

Eichhoff Electronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by Eichhoff Electronics include EMI/RFI Power Line Suppression Filters, EMI/RFI Suppression Capacitors, EMI/RFI Suppression Chokes, Miniature PCB Mount Transformers, Electronic Ignition Systems, and Ignition Transformers.

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