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Elec Eltek  Profile

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Elec Eltek  Company Overview

E & E Magnetic Products Limited (EEMPL) is a member of the Elec & Eltek Group - manufacturers of high quality electronic components including printed circuit boards, liquid crystal displays and magnetic products. EEMPL was established in 1993, initially producing power magnetic transformers. After an extensive development period, EEMPL expanded its product line to include data magnetics. Today EEMPL produces a large and comprehensive range of high quality magnetic components encompassing Magnetics Integrated Connector, Data and Telecommunication Transformers, Power Magnetic Products, Noise Filters, etc. EEMPL products are widely specified for use in applications including Networks (LAN/WAN), Telecommunications, Broadband Access, Automotive and other industrial areas.

Elec Eltek  Products

The types of products manufactured by Elec Eltek include Magnetics Integrated Connectors, Half, Single and Dual Port LAN Magnetic Modules, T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-Pri Transformer Modules, ADSL Line Transformers, VDSL Transformers, Wideband RF Transformers, SMT Power Inductors, and Common Mode Choke Modules.

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