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G-Link Technology  Profile

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G-Link Technology  Company Overview

G-LINK Technology, founded in 1994 in Taiwin, currently offers a full line of advanced low density DRAMs for mass storage, PC peripherals and graphics applications and SRAMs for cache, telecom, and low power applications. Embedded DRAMs and SRAMs are available for custom applications. G-Link products are used extensively in high volume applications such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD player, DVD recorder, music CD player, MD player, inkjet printer, multi-function printer, fax machine, ADSL modem, router, WLAN AP, and HDD.

G-Link Technology is no longer in business and does not maintain an active website.

G-Link Technology  Products

The types of products manufactured by G-Link Technology include EDO and Fast Page DRAM from 1Mb to 16Mb, SDRAM from 4Mb to 128Mb, 256K Asynchronous SRAM, Super Low Power Asynchronous SRAM from 1Mb to 4Mb, Pseudo SRAM from 2Mb to 32Mb.

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