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Gennum Corporation - Semtech  Profile

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Gennum Corporation - Semtech  Company Overview

Gennum Corporation, established in 1973, designs, manufactures and markets industry-leading semiconductors and semiconductor-based products for leading segments of the global video, audio and data communications markets. In its Video business, Gennum is the leading supplier of transport products to the broadcast industry as a result of proven capabilities in the high-speed transmission of high quality video. In the Audio & Wireless business, Gennum's knowledge of high fidelity acoustics, low power usage and miniaturized packaging is converging with new capabilities in ultra-low power short range wireless technology, resulting in new products for the hearing market and for wireless audio devices. In its Data Communications business, Gennum is a leading supplier of high-speed components for optical transceivers and backplane interconnects used in datacom and telecom systems as a result of its proven capabilities in delivering solutions with the highest signal integrity. Gennum Corporation was acquired by Semtech in March, 2012.

Gennum Corporation - Semtech  Products

The types of products manufactured by Gennum Corporation - Semtech include Cable Drivers, Cable Equalizers, Crosspoints, Embedded Audio, Parallel to Serial, Reclockers, Serial to Parallel, Sync Separators, Timing Generators, Wireless Headsets, Hearing Instrument Products, Optical Transceiver ICs, and Serial Backplane Interconnect ICs.

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