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Giga Semiconductor - GSI Technology  Profile

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Giga Semiconductor - GSI Technology  Company Overview

Founded in San Jose, California in March 1995, GSI Technology designs and manufacturers the lowest power, highest performance, most flexible SRAM in the market. Using 0.25, 0.15, and now, advanced 0.13 copper process technology running on 12 inch wafers, GSI has created the broadest line of fast, low power, high density SRAMs in the industry.

Giga Semiconductor - GSI Technology  Products

The types of products manufactured by Giga Semiconductor - GSI Technology include High Speed Asynchronous SRAM, Synchronous Burst SRAM, Synchronous NBT(Z) SRAM, Register-to-Register Late Write SRAM, SigmaQuad and SigmaQuad-II SRAM, SigmaCIO DDR-II SRAM, SigmaSIO DDR-II SRAM, SigmaRAM Late Write(LW) SRAM, SigmaRAM Double Late Write(DW) SRAM, and SigmaRAM Double Data Rate(DD) SRAM.

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