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HyWire  Profile

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HyWire  Company Overview

HyWire is a company specializing in flexible IP-core and hardware solutions for forwarding, classification, filtering, accounting, billing, statistics and security applications for networking equipment, such as switches and routers. HyWire's search algorithms can be implemented in ASICs or FPGAs in tandem with high-density DRAMs. Furthermore, HyWire is the first company to introduce databases as soft macros suitable for a system-on-chip (SoC) design or loadable into an FPGA. The HyCount co-processor accumulates statistics and monitors key events in packets moving across routers, switches and network appliances. For flexible system design, HyWire provides HyFlex, a stand-alone, multi-chip FPGA-based module. It consists of a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, three Micron 288Mb RLDRAM II devices and 8Mb flash memory. Soft macros for HySEM, HyCount or other Intellectual property can be loaded into the on-board flash to define the HyFlex functionality. HyWire Ltd no longer maintains an active website.

HyWire  Products

The types of products manufactured by HyWire include IP Solutions for Carrier-Class Ethernet, Search Engines, Event Monitors / Accumulators, and FPGA-Based General-Purpose Modules.

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