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Hyperchip  Profile

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Hyperchip  Company Overview

Since it's inception, Hyperchip's vision has been to build the next generation of Internet routing equipment that brings the reliability of connection-oriented networks (ATM, Frame Relay, TDM) together with the flexibility of connection-less networks (IP). As Internet traffic continues to increase and diversify with enterprise and consumer applications (IP VPNs, VoD, hosted telephony, VoIP) and service level and price competition pressures increase, carriers need a new approach to IP networking to ensure profitability. Cost-effective, optimized IP networking begins with the Hyperchip PBR-1280 - a core IP system that offers investment protection, reliability, streamlined infrastructures, deployment flexibility, and predictable performance.

Hyperchip  Products

The types of products manufactured by Hyperchip include IP Cores.

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