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MSIS Semiconductor  Profile

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MSIS Semiconductor  Company Overview

Founded in 1989, MSIS Semiconductor manufactures a wide range of devices previously produced by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). MSIS began manufacturing AMD's P-Channel product line when it was obsoleted in 1989. In 1993, MSIS also secured the manufacturing rights to AMD's NMOS STATIC RAM product line.

Mask sets, tooling & finished goods were transferred to MSIS to ensure availability of complete support in future years. Single, Dual & Quad UART Products, many with an onboard 16 BYTE FIFO, were added in 1996. Since then, the range of devices manufactured at the San Jose facility has expanded to include Microcontrollers, CMOS Rams, 2 MEG Flash Memories & the popular AMD 16K DRAMs.

MSIS Semiconductor no longer maintains an active website.

MSIS Semiconductor  Products

The types of products manufactured by MSIS Semiconductor include continued manufacture of obsolete AMD ICs.

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