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Microtune - Zoran - CSR  Profile

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Microtune - Zoran - CSR  Company Overview

Microtune's RF technology provides critical building block electronics that enable the reception and transmission of data. Microtune products convert radio signals delivered via cable or over-the-air into video, voice or text. As the first component a signal sees in a consumer device, the tuner drives the quality and performance of the user experience. Microtune invented silicon tuner technology.

In December, 2010, Microtune Inc. was acquired by Zoran Corporation.

Subsequently, Zoran Corp. merged with UK-based CSR plc. in August, 2011.

Microtune - Zoran - CSR  Products

The types of products manufactured by Microtune - Zoran - CSR include Broadband IC Tuners, Broadband Modules, Broadband Amplifiers, Upconverters, Automotive Audio Tuners, and Car TV Tuner Modules.

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