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National Hybrid - NHI  Profile

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National Hybrid - NHI  Company Overview

National Hybrid, Inc. (NHi) was founded in 1974 to respond to the military/aerospace industry's critical and growing need for reliable, high-performance microcircuits. NHi grew quickly in size and sophistication, designing and manufacturing increasingly capable, cost-effective custom hybrid microcircuits. As opportunities in the industrial world developed, the company also expanded its expertise into a diverse range of industrial products and applications.

Today, NHi is a world-class design and manufacturing organization that can offer its customers a broad range of technological capabilities in both the military and industrial worlds. NHI's expertise includes analog, digital, and microwave CAD-based designs, as well as ASIC and gate-array implementations and extensive simulation and prototype testing and analysis facilities.

National Hybrid - NHI  Products

The types of products manufactured by National Hybrid - NHI include 1553 Data Bus, Custom Thick And Thin Film Hybrid Circuits, Opto-Couplers, Micro-Miniature Opto-Couplers, and Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC).

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