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North Hills Signal Processing  Profile

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North Hills Signal Processing  Company Overview

North Hills is the leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers, network testers, and related hardware such as cable, connectors, terminators, dust caps, etc. The company offers a broad, off-the-shelf product line. Since 1953 North Hills has been a supplier of leading edge wideband video and RF transformers offering superior performance and product consistency. North Hills manufactures  transformers in accordance to MIL-T-21038 with excellent common mode rejection ratios. All North Hills products are precision designed to meet exacting specifications at minimum cost. Sophisticated computer aided design and testing procedures are utilized to optimize linearity and flatness of frequency response while assuring performance to specifications in both standard and custom products.

North Hills Signal Processing  Products

The types of products manufactured by North Hills Signal Processing include Video /RF Wideband Transformers, Data Bus Couplers, and Custom Products.

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