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OSI Fibercomm - OSI Optoelectronics  Profile

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OSI Fibercomm - OSI Optoelectronics  Company Overview

Established by OSI Systems Inc. in 1998, OSI Fibercomm offered innovative and leading-edge optical transmission solutions in forms of photo-detectors and subsystems for optical network applications relating to high-speed data and voice transports. The company also provides custom fiber-optic subsystem designs and manufacturing services to a wide base of industry clients.

OSI Fibercomm has combined business operations with Centro Vision and UDT Sensors to form OSI Optoelectronics.

OSI Fibercomm - OSI Optoelectronics  Products

The types of products manufactured by OSI Fibercomm - OSI Optoelectronics include Standard and Custom Photodiodes, X-Ray Products, Opto-assembly, Medical Products, Tele-com and Data-com Applications, Military and Aerospace Specialties, Tool and Die Injection Molding, Book Mold and Prototyping, Production Tooling & Machining, Plastic and Metal Components, Precision Laser Trimming, GMP-compliant Practices, Heat Staking, Ultrasonic Welding, Computer Peripherals and Medical Electronics.

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