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OUPIIN  Profile

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OUPIIN  Company Overview

Oupiin began in 1977, with only 6 employees, as a small manufacturer of plastic molds for many of Taiwan's large connector manufacturers. With fully automated factories in Taiwan and China, Oupiin takes pride in using the most state-of-the-art equipment available and is considered one of the most modern connector manufacturers in the world.

Oupiin's products are used in a wide variety of computer, communication, industrial manufacturing and utility equipment and are currently in use by some of the most respected technology companies throughout the world.

OUPIIN  Products

The types of products manufactured by OUPIIN include Board to Board Connectors, Euro DIN 41612, Future Bus+ 5 row, Future Bus+ 4 row, Hard Metric / Compact PCI, Flex Circuit Sockets, Memory Card Connectors, USB & IEEE, D-Sub's & I/O Connectors, Circular Mini & Standard DIN, Modular Jacks RJ11's & RJ45's, Sockets, BNC, Ribbon Cable Connectors, and Cable Harness / Wire to Board.

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