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Panaflo Axial Fans -Panasonic - NMB  Profile

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Panaflo Axial Fans -Panasonic - NMB  Company Overview

Panaflo axial fans, made by Panasonic, suit a wide range of applications. They force air out in a "funnel" type pattern, and are ideal when cooling a specific area such as a power supply that is surrounded by numerous components with minimum ventilation available.

Panasonic formed a joint venture with Minebea to form Minebea Motor Company (MMMC) to handle the production of both fans and stepping motors, and these products are now sold through NMB Technologies Corp.

Panaflo Axial Fans -Panasonic - NMB  Products

The types of products manufactured by Panaflo Axial Fans -Panasonic - NMB include Cooling Fans.

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