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Prolific Technology  Profile

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Prolific Technology  Company Overview

Founded in Taiwan in 1997, Prolific Technology Inc. is a leading IC and ASIC design service provider. The Company began by developing Smart I/O IC solutions, focusing on niche USB/IEEE 1394 bridge controller products. Prolific later developed mixed signal technology and successfully designed brushless motor driver ICs and hall sensors.

Today, Prolific is investing in SOC development and the integration of multimedia (MPEG-4, JPEG, MP3) and GPS products.

Prolific Technology  Products

The types of products manufactured by Prolific Technology include Hi-Speed USB Docking Controllers, Hi-Speed USB Device Controllers, USB to IEEE1284 Bridge Controllers, USB Device Controllers, USB2.0 Storage Device Controllers, USB1.1 Storage Device Controllers, USB2.0 Data Communication Controllers, USB1.1 Data Communication Controllers, SOC Imbedded Devices, High Performance GPS Baseband Solutions, Single-Chip GPS Baseband Processors, MPEG-4, JPEG and MP3 Processors, DC Brushless Motor Controllers, Stepping Motor Controllers, Spindle Motor Controllers, Hall Sensors, and Power Protection devices.

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