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Sanyo Semiconductor  Profile

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Sanyo Semiconductor  Company Overview

SANYO Semiconductor Corporation was founded August 23, 1976. Sanyo Semi have developed original analog technology, including analog IP, power-saving technology and other circuit technologies, and have made key contributions to numerous successful systems. They draw on these strengths as a total solution provider for audio, video and power applications, and further, are concentrating our resources in analog IC products and discreet products including analog/digital mixed ICs, an area in which they are particularly competitive.

Sanyo Semiconductor was acquired by ON Semiconductor in January, 2011.

Sanyo Semiconductor  Products

The types of products manufactured by Sanyo Semiconductor include ASSP, Power Supply ICs, Flash Memories, Thick-Film Inverter Power ICs, Thick-Film Motor Driver ICs, and Thick-Film Audio Power ICs.

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