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Solid State Devices - SSDI  Profile

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Solid State Devices - SSDI  Company Overview

SSDI designs, manufactures, and markets electronic components, assemblies, modules, and sub-systems focusing in the areas of high density/high power and high voltage discrete semiconductors and modules.

Solid State Devices - SSDI  Products

The types of products manufactured by Solid State Devices - SSDI include Power High Voltage Rectifiers, Power Schottky Rectifiers, Power Mosfets & IGBT's, Power Modules & Hybrids, Power Transistors & Darlingtons, Thyristors, Zeners & Transient Voltage Suppressors, Die Products, High Voltage Modules, High Voltage Power Supplies, Voltage Multipliers, IGBT/Mosfet Bridge Assemblies, and DMS Semiconductors.

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