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Telecontrolli Srl  Profile

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Telecontrolli Srl  Company Overview

Telecontrolli is a private company operating in the business of Thick Film Hybrid Technology and manufacturing, among other things, Custom Hybrid circuits, for all types of electronics. It also produces standard electronic modules, radio frequency transmitters / receivers and DC/DC converters, etc. The company's interest in thick film processes began in 1982. Its production plant stretches over a covered area of 4.300 m2, including a 430 m2 clean room, on grounds totalling 9.000 m2. The company today employs 100 people which are highly specialized in thick film hybrid technology. Telecontrolli products are used in many different application for the automotive, medical, sensors, telecom, industrial and consumer markets. Together with its partners, Telecontrolli has a presence in almost every European country, South Africa, Canada, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and Russia.

Telecontrolli Srl  Products

The types of products manufactured by Telecontrolli Srl include RF Receivers, RF Transmitters, Transceivers, Ultrasonic, Infrared, RF Special Modules, and custom projects.

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