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Tokin Corporation - NEC Tokin  Profile

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Tokin Corporation - NEC Tokin  Company Overview

NEC Tokin's roots lie in its materials. Based on our material development and high-density production capabilities, we create devices that are playing a major role in the revitalization of society, including Energy Devices, Networking Devices, and Functional Devices. These will enable us to make substantial contributions to revitalize society, with advanced information technology as its foundation.

Tokin Corporation - NEC Tokin  Products

The types of products manufactured by Tokin Corporation - NEC Tokin include Tantalum capacitor, Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, Polymer Capacitor (NeoCapacitor), Niobium Capacitor, Supercapacitor, Proton polymer battery, Miniature Relays, ADSL POTS splitter, Non-contact IC card reader/writer, Non-contact IC tag reader/writer, IC combined magnetic card reader, Magnetic card reader, Magnetic card reader terminal, Memoalloy, Permanent magnet, Ferrite core, Electromagnet, EMI countermeasure parts, Flex Suppressor, Film Impeder, Anechoic chamber, Magnetic shield, Piezoelectric ceramics, Multilayer piezoelectric actuator, Magnetic Direct Current Sensor, Thermal Sensors, Reed switch applied component, and 3D Motion Sensor.

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