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World Products  Profile

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World Products  Company Overview

Founded in 1969, World Products Inc.(WPI) has been serving the electronic industry for over 35 years. WPI provides electronic component solutions focusing on the Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Power Supply, Surge Suppression and Wireless markets. Organized into sales divisions focused on each of these markets, WPI is equipped with technical expertise and essential resources to provide customers with complete solutions to their electronic component needs.

World Products  Products

The types of products manufactured by World Products include Ceramic Inductors, Common Mode Filters, EMI Filters, Ferrite Beads, Ferrite Bead Arrays, Ferrite Inductors, Gas Discharge Tubes, Industrial Relays, ISOCOUPLER PhotoCoupler, ISOMOS Photo MOS Relays, LC Filters, Metal Oxide Varistors, Micro Inductors, MultiLayer Varistors, NEC Miniature Power Relays, NEC Miniature Signal Relays, RFI Capacitors, Silicon Varistors, Surge Absorbers, Thermally Protected Varistors, Thyristors, TVS Diodes, and Wireless Products.

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Industry News

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