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Mitsubishi IGBT Modules

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Mitsubishi IGBT Modules

Mitsubishi Semiconductor manufacturers a broad portfolio of IGBT Modules, Thyristor Modules, Diode Modules and Intelligent Power Modules.  

The NX-Series of Mitsubishi IGBT Modules range from 600V to 1200V and from 35A to 1000A. A Mitsubishi IGBT is commonly used in general purpose inverters, in Medical equipment such as MRIs and CT Scanners, and in Solar and Wind power generation.

Mitsubishi Thyristor Modules range from 400V to 1600V and from 20A to 400A, and are typically used in AC and DC Motor Control applications and welding machines.  RM-Series Diode Modules from Mitsubishi are offered from 400V to 2000V.  High Voltage Diode Modules are also offered up to 6500V.  This product family also includes a series of high-speed switching Diode Modules that are well suited to applications using high-speed IGBT switching and Intelligent Power Modules.

Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are often required in small volumes to support repair and replacement for existing installations.  Maintaining an ongoing source of supply for these repair operations is vitally important.

At Procure International, we are glad to be your source for a broad range of both current production and obsolete IGBT Modules, Thyristor Modules, Diode Modules and Intelligent Power Modules from Mitsubishi Semiconductor at very competitive prices and short lead times. 

Search for the Mitsubishi Modules you need using the Part Number Search bar at the top of this page, submit your RFQ to get pricing, and place your order directly online using our secure online ordering process.

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