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8x8 Inc  Profile

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8x8 Inc  Company Overview

Founded in 1987 as Integrated Information Technology (IIT), 8X8's initial products were programmable semiconductors for the videoconferencing and videophone markets. The primary customer applications for these semiconductors were communication terminals (such as videophones, telephones or room videoconferencing systems) for the integrated services digital network (ISDN), the public switched telephone network (PSTN), and IP networks, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the Internet.

In 1997, 8x8 began developing videophones (under the ViaTV brand name) along with other broadband internet products and services for business and consumer use. In 2003, 8x8 decided to devote more of its resources to the promotion, distribution and development of the Packet8 voice and video communications service and announced the end of life of its VoIP semiconductor products. 8x8, Inc., originator of the Packet8 Broadband Phone Service, is now one of the industry's leading VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and videophone communications service providers. Since its establishment in 1987, 8x8 has contributed to the advancement of voice and video communications on both technology and service provision levels. The company currently holds 49 United States patents with additional patents pending. The Packet8 (www.packet8.net) residential phone service, introduced in November 2002, incorporates 8x8's proprietary technology in an affordable, easy-to-use calling service delivered over DSL, cable modem or other high speed internet connections. In March 2004, 8x8 introduced the Packet8 Virtual Office system, a full-featured hosted PBX VoIP solution for small to medium sized businesses. Two months later, the Packet8 DV 326 Broadband consumer VideoPhone was unveiled at Supercomm 2004 and has since received high marks for its exceptional quality, ease of use and consumer friendly pricing. Until 2003, 8x8 concentrated on the VoIP semiconductor market through its subsidiaries Netergy Microelectronics, Inc. By 2003, it had shifted its focus from the semiconductor business to VoIP and video communications services. Today, the company focuses on voice, video, and mobile IP services in the form of residential plans, business plans, international plans and exclusive video plans and no longer manufacturers electronic components.

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The types of products manufactured by 8x8 Inc include Communications ICs.

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