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Advanced Analogic - AnalogicTech  Profile

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Advanced Analogic - AnalogicTech  Company Overview

AnalogicTech develops Total Power Management solutions for computer, communications and portable systems based on innovative analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and a new generation of discrete-power MOSFETs. Playing a critical role in system design, these devices manage battery life, voltage regulation, power-saving load switching, and electronic protection of computer input/output (I/O).

Advanced Analogic - AnalogicTech  Products

The types of products manufactured by Advanced Analogic - AnalogicTech include Battery Chargers, Charge Pumps (Switched Capacitor Regulators), Current Limited Load Switches (USB PCMCIA), DC/DC Converters (Inductor Based Switching Regulators), Integrated Load Switches, LDO Linear Regulators, Power Half Bridges, Power MOSFETs, References, Supervisors/Monitors, and Voltage Detectors for the following applications: ADSLs (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines), Battery Back-up Supplies, Bluetooth Headsets, CCD Bias Circuits, CD-Rom Drives, Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Desktop Chargers, Desktop Computers, Digital Cameras, GPS (Global Positioning Systems), High Frequency DC/DC Converters, LCD Bias Circuits, Motor Controls, MP3 Players, Notebook / Laptop / Tablet Computers, OLED Displays, PDAs, POU Power Supplies, Power Supplies, RGB LED Drivers, Security Systems, Servers and Hubs, Set Top Boxes / Game Consoles, TFTs (Thin Film Transistors), USB Hubs, White LED Driver/Display Backlights, and WLAN/Bluetooth PC Cards.

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