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Alliance Semiconductor  Profile

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Alliance Semiconductor  Company Overview

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Alliance Semiconductor Corporation is a leading, worldwide provider of high-value memory products designed, developed and marketed for the communications, computing, consumer and industrial markets. Alliance provides leading OEMs with synchronous SRAMs, super low-power and pseudo SRAMs.

In 2006, Alliance Semiconductor completed the sale of its product lines to several companies: Alliance Memory acquired the Fast Async Memory product line. ISSI acquired the SRAM product line. Tundra Semiconductor acquired the Systems Solution product line. Pulsecore, now part of ON Semiconductor, acquired the Analog and Mixed Signal product line.

Alliance Semiconductor is now no longer in business.

Alliance Semiconductor  Products

The types of products manufactured by Alliance Semiconductor include Sync SRAM, NTDT Sync SRAM, Dual Port Sync SRAM, Fast Async SRAM, EMI Supression Products, Precision Frequency Multipliers, Clock Synthesizer and Frequency Generators, Frequency Multipliers, Zero Delay Buffers, Non Zero Delay buffers, CPU Supervisor Products, CPU Supervisors with Selectable Trip-point Tolerance Watchdog timer with POR, CPU Supervisors with POR and Edge Triggered MR, Low Power CPU Supervisors, CPU Supervisors with Watchdog Timer and Power Fail Detector, CPU Supervisors with Power Fail Detector, CPU Supervisors with Watchdog Timer, Powerfail Detector and battery backup Switch, DUAL CPU Supervisors with Programmable Reset Threshold, HyperTransport Bridges, JTAG devices, and Networking Controllers for Gigabit Ethernet & 10-Gbps Ethernet, Resilient Packet Ring (IEEE 802.17), Generic Framing Protocol (GFP), and Virtual Concatenation (VCat).

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