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Amphus  Profile

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Amphus  Company Overview

Amphus, a Vadem spin-off company since its formation in early 2000, continues to sell Vadem ASICs. Starting from the early 90s, the Vadem ASIC team had developed many world renowned products such as the Power Management Chip branded and shipped by Intel, and the Single Chip PC used by the IBM Simon smart phone, HP Omnigo PDA, Seiko Epson SmartPad and many other handheld and embedded products developed by companies like Intermec and Symbol Technologies. The Vadem PC Card controller had become one of the standard chips in notebook PCs from leading manufacturers such as Dell.

Today, Amphus' business is to sell Pin Compatible and Functional Equivalent chips that are no longer supported by and available from major semiconductor manufacturers. Amphus guarantees its parts will function identically to the original products so customers can feel safe to continue production of their existing products. Amphus is currently offering three product families: PC Card controllers, Serial Communication Controllers and System-On-A-Chip (SOC) devices.

Amphus  Products

The types of products manufactured by Amphus include PC Card Controllers: VG-469, VG-PD6722, and VG-PD6729. Serial Controllers: VG-CD1400, and VG-CD1865. SOC Devices: VG-230, and VG-330.

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