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Dallas Semiconductor -Maxim Integrated  Profile

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Dallas Semiconductor -Maxim Integrated  Company Overview

Dallas Semiconductor was founded in 1984, went public in 1987, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products in 2001. Dallas Semiconductor combines innovative circuit designs with proprietary fab processes to create mixed-signal semiconductor products that serve diverse end markets.

Dallas Semiconductor -Maxim Integrated  Products

The types of products manufactured by Dallas Semiconductor -Maxim Integrated include Communications Products: T1/E1 interface chips (framers, transceivers, LIUs, bit error rate testers, and clock adapters), T3/E3 broadband devices (LIUs, framers, multiplexers, and IP/ATM aggregation), Ethernet over WAN transport, and HDLC controllers; Microcontrollers: Mixed-signal (complete system-on-chip with analog, high-speed embedded CPU and flash memory), Networked (Ethernet and CAN), Secure (physically and cryptographically secure), 8051 drop-ins (high-speed, 100% code and pin compatible), and MAXQ electrically quiet, high performance, low-power controllers; Battery Management and Thermal: Monolithic direct-to-digital temperature measurement, Battery fuel gauging devices, and Battery identification and safety circuits; Mixed Signal ICs: Control and monitoring devices for fiber optic transceivers, Nonvolatile static RAM modules, CPU and system supervisors, Monolithic delay lines, Silicon oscillators, Digital potentiometers, Real-time clocks, SATA / SAS and SCSI products, Temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, Voltage controlled crystal oscillators, and Data loggers; Automatic Identification: Memory and other mixed signal devices with 1-Wire interface, and iButtons with memory, RTCs, security features, and data loggers.

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