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Keyence  Profile

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Keyence  Company Overview

Founded in Japan in 1974, Keyence is a leading supplier of sensors and measuring instruments. With the development of factory automation systems, Keyence has responded to the increasing market demand for advanced sensor and measuring technologies by introducing new unique product designs. Today, Keyence manufactures a broad range of products, from photoelectric and proximity sensors to measuring instruments for inspection lines and high precision devices used in research institutes.

Keyence  Products

The types of products manufactured by Keyence include Laser Displacement Sensors, Compact Laser Sensors, Optical Micrometers, Photoelectric Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers, Ultrasonic Sensors, Barcode Readers, Digital Microscopes, Inductive Displacement Sensors, Laser Markers, High Power Laser Sensors, Machine Visions, Proximity Sensors, RGB Color Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, Fiber Optic Sensors, Barcode Controls, and Safety Light Curtains.

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