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Siliconix - Vishay Siliconix  Profile

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Siliconix - Vishay Siliconix  Company Overview

Siliconix was founded in 1962 and developed into one of the industry's leading manufacturers of analog switches & multiplers and power MOSFETs. Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. became a majority shareholder of Siliconix in 1998, and in May, 2005, Siliconix became a wholly owned subsidiary of Vishay.

Today, Vishay, through its Siliconix subsidiary, is the world's number-one manufacturer of low-voltage power MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), the solid-state switches that are used to manage and convert power in computers, cell phones, and communications infrastructure, and to control motion in computer disk drives and automotive systems.

Vishay Siliconix silicon technology and device-packaging achievements include the industry's first power MOSFETs built on a Trench silicon process (TrenchFET) and the industry's first power MOSFETs offered in small-outline, surface-mount packages (LITTLE FOOT).

Siliconix - Vishay Siliconix  Products

The types of products manufactured by Siliconix - Vishay Siliconix include Analog switches and multiplexers, Switchmode regulators, Distributed power controllers and converters, Step-down controllers, Step-down converters, Multi output controllers, Step-up controllers, Step-up converters, Buck-boost converters, Linear regulators, Low drop out - LDOs, Power management ICs, PC card interface switches, MOSFET drivers, Motor drivers, Power/Industrial drivers, Bus interface Transceivers, Bus Termination ICs, MOSFETs, N-channel JFET amplifiers, N-channel JFET switches, P-channel JFETs, Dual N-channel JFETs, N-channel lateral DMOS FETs, N-channel E-M MOSFETs, P-channel E-M MOSFETs, N- & P-channel Quad MOSFETs, Current regulator diodes, Low-leakage diodes, and Voltage-controlled resistors.

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