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Spectrum Control - API Technologies  Profile

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Spectrum Control - API Technologies  Company Overview

Spectrum Control is a leader in the design and manufacture of control products and systems used to condition, regulate and govern electronic performance. The company's core electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering expertise allows it to offer a broad line of signal, power and frequency control products.

The Signal Integrity Products Group designs and manufactures a wide range of low pass EMI filters, surface mount EMI filters, filtered arrays, filtered connectors, specialty ceramic capacitors, and  motor line feed-thru (MLFT) filters.

The Power Integrity Products and Management Systems Group designs and manufactures numerous power integrity products (power line filters, power entry modules, multisection filters, power terminal blocks, and custom power filter assemblies) and power management systems (power distribution units, remote power management and monitoring systems, fuse interface panels, breaker interface panels, and custom power distribution systems).

The Frequency Control Products Group designs and manufactures ceramic resonators and bandpass filters, ceramic patch antennas, duplexers, lumped element filters, cavity filters, waveguide filters, and related products and systems.

Spectrum Control Inc. was acquired by API Technologies Corp. in June, 2011.

Spectrum Control - API Technologies  Products

The types of products manufactured by Spectrum Control - API Technologies include Bandpass Filters, Bandpass Monoblock Filters, Barrier Strip Terminal Blocks, Base Station Products, Cavity Filters, Ceramic Chip Inductors, Ceramic Duplexers, Chip Antennas, Custom Connectors, Custom Lumped Element, Custom Power Outlet Strips, Custom/Application Specific Filters, D-Subminiature Connectors, DC Circuit Breaker Panels, Discoidal Capacitors, EMI Shielding Products, Ferrite Chip Beads, Ferrite Inductors, Ferrite Power Beads, Filter Banks, Filter Plates, Filtered & ESD Protected USB Connectors, Filtered Modular Jacks, Filtered Terminal Blocks, Hermetic Sealed Filters, High Current/High Voltage Resin Sealed Filters, High Current High Voltage Single Line EMI Filters, High Frequency PCB Filters, LC Type Chips, Low Noise Amplifiers, Microwave Custom Assemblies, Military/Aerospace Multisection Filters Mini Surface Mount Filters, Miniature Printed Circuit Board Power Filters, Miniature Ribbon Connectors, Miniature Surface Mount Power Filters, MLFT Filters, Patch Antennas, PCB Mount Power Filters, PCB Mount Terminal Blocks, Power Entry Modules, Power Entry Modules, Power Line Filters, Power Management Systems, Power Surface Mount Capacitors, Resin Sealed Bolt-in Filters, Resin Sealed Knurled Filters, Resin Sealed Solder-in Filters, Resonators, Round Surface Mount Capacitors, Shrouded Latch Headers, Single Line Filters, SM Filter Arrays, Square Surface Mount Capacitors, Standard Lumped Element, Surface Mount EMI Filters, Suspended Substrate, Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors, Synthesizers, Three Terminal Chip, Tubular Filters, and Waveguide Filters.

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