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Telefunken - Vishay Semiconductor  Profile

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Telefunken - Vishay Semiconductor  Company Overview

Telefunken was acquired by Vishay in 1998.

Vishay Semiconductor combines the product lines of the former Vishay Telefunken, General Semiconductor (the largest producer of low-to-medium power rectifiers and TVS diodes), as well as the infrared components business of Infineon Technologies. Together, they provide Vishay customers with a single source for a broad portfolio of semiconductor products used for short-range infrared data transmission, power management, remote controls, and electrical safety.

Vishay Semiconductor's strength in advanced IR technologies such as high radiant double hetero GaAlAs technology and fast, highly sensitive photo PIN diodes is the basis for Vishay's success in high-speed infrared transceivers for data communication (IRDC) and infrared receiver modules, where it is the number one supplier worldwide. In optocouplers, Vishay Semiconductors products comply with key safety standards such as VDE, UL, CSA, Fimko and BSI and are used worldwide to make safer switchmode power supplies, AC/DC converters, and battery chargers. Discrete components from Vishay Semiconductors include Schottky, small-signal switching, RF-band switching, FM capacitance, RF PIN, suppressor, and Zener diodes, plus bridge rectifiers, Schottky rectifiers and fast and ultra fast switching soft recovery rectifiers. LEDs, displays, RF transistors and MOSMICs complete the Vishay Semiconductor portfolio.

Telefunken - Vishay Semiconductor  Products

The types of products manufactured by Telefunken - Vishay Semiconductor include Diodes, Displays, Infrared emitting diodes, Infrared receiver modules, Infrared transceivers, LEDs, Optical sensors, Optocouplers, Photo detectors, Rectifiers, Solid state relays, and Transistors, RF & AF.

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