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Vitrohm - Yageo  Profile

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Vitrohm - Yageo  Company Overview

Vitrohm was founded in Denmark in 1933 as a manufacturer of resistors and resistor products.

Vitrohm was acquired by Yageo Corporation in 1996.

Founded in 1977, Yageo Corporation is a global manufacturer of passive components. In 1994, Yageo acquired ASJ, a Singapore-based resistor manufacturer. In 1996, Yageo acquired both Vitrohm, the German resistor manufacturer, and Teapo, Taiwan's largest E-cap manufacturer.

In 1997, Chilisin, Taiwan's largest inductor manufacturer, became part of the Yageo family, and in 2000, Yageo acquired two passive component units from Philips Electronics NV, now part of Yageo under the brand names Phycomp and Ferroxcube. These strategic acquisitions, along with Yageo's organic growth, have enabled Yageo to become one of only three manufacturers in the world to supply all three primary passive components: resistors, capacitors, and inductors.

Vitrohm - Yageo  Products

The types of products manufactured by Vitrohm - Yageo include Wirewound Resistors, SMD Resistors, Low Ohm Resistors, Metalglaze Film Resistors, and Metaloxide Film Resistors.

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