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Xytronic Industries  Profile

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Xytronic Industries  Company Overview

Founded in 1980, Xytronic Industries was the first to develop a patented electronically controlled soldering station that provides a stable temperature without changing tips or relying on mechanical switching - revolutionizing the hand soldering process. Current and heat sensitive devices can now be soldered by hand without fear that tip leakage or run away temperatures would damage the component, dramatically increasing the reliability of the finished product. With headquarters in Taiwan Xytronic is a leading supplier of temperature controlled soldering systems, including solder tips and accessories, for use in a wide range of electronics applications.

Xytronic Industries  Products

The types of products manufactured by Xytronic Industries include Soldering/Desoldering Stations, SMD Soldering/Desoldering, Hot-Air Rework Stations, Fume Extraction Equipment, Soldering Irons, Industrial Tools, PCB Video Inspection Systems, SMD & BGA Rework Systems, BGA Reball Kits, and Liquid Dispensers.

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