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ZF Micro Solutions  Profile

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ZF Micro Solutions  Company Overview

ZF Micro Solutions is a privately held company founded in 2002 by David L. Feldman, the creator of the PC104 IEEE standard and the 5.25" form-factor embedded Single Board Computer. In 1995, Mr. Feldman founded ZF Micro Devices and began manufacturing and marketing a family of products based on an award-winning computer module called the OEMmodule Single Component Computer. These devices were the most highly integrated, PC-compatible controller modules in the embedded systems market. They included full motherboard hardware and software functionally in a single, highly reliable component smaller than a credit card. The company then took this small form factor to the next level and combined full x86 PC functionality together with patented fail-safe technology, into a single chip, the ZFx86 PC-on-a-Chip. This device, just 1.4 inches square, represents the next level of integration of PC functionality. ZFx86 is the only chip with a built-in FailSafe mechanism for restoring operation after a system failure. The Intel x86 compatible ZFx86 chip runs most PC software without modification and is bundled with a full PC BIOS and Linux O/S, and it boots by simply applying power.

ZF Micro Solutions  Products

The types of products manufactured by ZF Micro Solutions include ZFx86, FailSafe, Embedded PC-on-a-Chip and ZFx86, Integrated Development System.

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