Methods for Obtaining Aerospace Optics Parts and Components

There are different methods of obtaining all of the parts, components and materials required in the aviation and marine industries when building new airplanes, ships, and electronic assemblies used in manufacturing processes. One option is to obtain the necessary items directly from the manufacturer, such as Aerospace Optics. The drawback to this option is that a finished airplane or ship has potentially hundreds of thousands of individual components, parts and materials used in its construction. As a result, the company has to order these items not from one or two different parts and materials manufacturers, but from hundreds of different companies. For small operations, there simply are not enough resources or time available to manage parts orders from each and every manufacturer.

Another method for obtaining materials, parts, and components from such manufacturers, like Aerospace Optics, Emerson Astec, and others, is to order all of your required items through an electronic component procurement company. Procurement firms provide manufacturers in the aviation and marine industries with a one-stop-shopping solution where they have direct access to a wide range of raw materials, electronic parts and other items they require to produce their finished products. Instead of having to deal with hundreds of manufacturers, the business operation has a single point of contact to procure every item they need.

Why Order from an Electronic Component Procurement Company?

Besides being able to obtain all of your parts from one primary supplier, you have access to an extensive database of parts and components information. For example, if you are designing a new electronic assembly and know what materials are needed, but are not sure which parts manufacturer makes the items you require, or do not know the part numbers, a procurement firm offers assistance and support. All you need to do is contact the component procurement company, provide them with the details about the materials, and they will help you find exactly what is necessary to build the new assembly by supplying you with a list of all of the manufacturers who make the items, the part numbers, and pricing.

Another reason to obtain your parts from an electronic component procurement supplier is to eliminate ordering minimums. For instance, Aerospace Optics might require you to order a specific quantity of parts, regardless of the number you require for your finished assembly. Whereas, a procurement company provides the flexibility to order only the quantity of parts you require, whether you want just two or hundreds of the same part. This is especially useful during new product development when you want to experiment with different configurations to develop the most cost-effective and efficient product design.

Further, parts and components manufacturers, like Aerospace Optics, constantly update their available product catalogues. There is a likelihood the items you need could be discontinued and could no longer be available for direct order from the manufacturer. Rather than redesign your product, a parts procurement company may still have large inventories of the discontinued parts you need until you have time to update your product design.

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