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Astec Emerson Offers Solutions for Network Power Systems

Astec Emerson offers electronic manufacturing firms many options for electronic parts and components. Astec Semiconductor produces power management integrated circuits (ICs) for Astec Power components that are optimized to fit the specific requirements and needs of electronic manufacturers. Astec Power builds standard, modified standard, and customized DC-to-DC and AC-to-DC power supplies for applications requiring a reliable power supply, with power options ranging from one watt to six kilowatts. Astec Power is a leading global supplier of the products they manufacture.

Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson Network Power has allowed Astec Emerson to take advantage of the many different divisions under the Emerson umbrella of companies, and offers electronic manufacturing firms access to a wide range of technologies, including power components, climate systems, and power systems. In addition, Emerson Power has the solutions and services available to help support and build entire network power infrastructures to solve power reliability needs of business operations of all sizes.

Other divisions of Emerson Power besides Astec Emerson are Cambridge Products, Emerson Energy Systems, Aim Electronics, Copeland Specialty Scroll, ASCO Power Technologies, Engineered Endeavors, Connectivity Solutions, Lo Dan International, Control Concepts, Fiber-Conn Assemblies, TSI of Florida, Johnson Components, Viewsonics, Leroy-Somer, Vitelec Electronics, Liebert, Optical Connectivity, Liebert Global Services, Northern Technologies, and Liebert Hiross.

One common application for Astec Emerson AC power supplies is for networking devices and components, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), wireless routers, network hubs, and network servers. Applications for AC-to-DC power systems available from Emerson Network Power are addressing and satisfying the small power requirements many of today’s modern electronic devices require, such as digital loop carriers, microwave communication systems, FTTxs, cell site backhauls, radios, and DSLAMs. Power solutions from Emerson Network Power and its subsidiaries range from mini DC power systems to large DC power systems, as well as distribution bays, DC power retrofits, and DC UPS.

Obtain Astec Emerson Parts and Components from a Procurement Firm

There are several different methods for obtaining Astec Emerson electronic parts and components for use in manufacturing and network power systems. Manufacturing firms that use Astec Power and Astec Semiconductor products on a regular basis may obtain them through an electronic component procurement firm. Utilizing the services of a procurement company ensures you are able to source the quantities of the parts and components when you require them for your manufacturing processes. In addition, an electronic procurement company normally stocks a wide range of items, including discontinued products. As a result, if you are looking for specific components no longer built by Emerson Power or its subsidiaries, the best way to find what you require is to order them from a procurement company.

Besides stocking parts and components from Emerson Network Power and its subsidiaries, an electronic procurement supplier provides you access to numerous electronic parts and component manufacturers worldwide. Instead of having to source your parts and components from each individual manufacturer, you are able to find everything you require from a single supplier. For further questions, or assistance in finding electronic parts and components, feel free to contact us, here at Procure International, by calling 321-773-9991.