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The Easiest Way to Find Electrical Parts and Components during Shortages

Depending upon the methods you use for electronic component procurement and managing your supply chain, obtaining all of the electronic parts and components required to build finished goods for your customers can be challenging at times. As has happened in the past, a major earthquake in Asia can result in the shutdown of production facilities, which causes shortages of key components. Whenever shortages like this occur and there is high demand for the part, prices start to increase at a fast pace. Since you are paying more during a parts shortage, you are often forced to pass the increase along to your customers or absorb the difference and sell the finished goods at a loss.

One effective method for dealing with unexpected electronic parts shortages is to source them from an electronic component procurement company. Procurement firms normally have large and extensive inventories of high demand parts in stock and available. Utilizing a professional independent distributor or electronic component procurement company in times of product shortages can be an excellent way to mitigate your risk.

Finding Obsolete Parts from International Suppliers Using Parts Procurement 

International manufacturers discontinue parts due to changes in new technologies or reduced production runs on parts as demand declines. This can make it difficult to obtain all of the electrical parts and components you require until your company has had time to redesign your finished goods. In addition to being a primary source during unexpected parts shortages, an electronic component procurement company is a beneficial supplier partner for hard to find and obsolete parts in industries like:

  • Data Communications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Wired and Wireless Telecommunications
  • Military and Commercial Space
  • Industrial Electronics

ISO 9001:2000 certification, government certifications, and strict quality control standards are all available when sourcing parts from a procurement company. All of the parts you purchase are identical to the ones you would normally source directly from the manufacturer, except you are sourcing them from an electronic component procurement firm.

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