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Use Asahi Kasei Microsystems Parts in Audio and Video Devices

Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) is one of the leading suppliers of audio integrated circuits for consumer and professional markets. Established in 1983, AKM offers a wide range of electronic parts and components for mobile communications, telecommunications, audio devices, and video devices. Their product lines include items like:

  • Hall Effect ICs
  • Audio LSI
  • Video LSI
  • Hall Elements
  • Voice Processors
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • RF ICs
  • Two-Way Radio ICs
  • Clock and Timing Components
  • H-Bridge Drivers
  • Electronic Compass
  • Power Control LSI
  • Liner Image Sensor ADCs
  • Industrial ADCs
  • Measurement ADCs
  • Touch Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors

All of AKM parts are designed to work with each other, as well as with other manufacturers’ electronic components.

Developing New Products with Asahi Kasei Microsystems Electronic Components

When designing new products using Asahi Kasei Microsystems products, it is a good idea to develop a computerized simulation of the end device. Using computer software to create new products allows the designer to test the circuit and identify potential problems before breadboarding and allows simulation of critical device function to ensure operation within expected parameters.

Once satisfied with your computer simulation, it is most often possible to get samples from your electronic components procurement distributor to build a test model of the device using a breadboard and other testing equipment. Hands-on testing gives you the opportunity to isolate voltage, current and operation issues, as well as allow other designers to use and evaluate the new design, since they may attempt to use the device in different ways than you originally anticipated. Hands-on testing helps identify additional issues and problems and correct these before going to the prototype stage.

Prototyping is highly recommended at the next stage of development. You might build multiple prototypes and have selected customers test your product and provide feedback about its operation. Beta testing in this manner allows you time to make adjustments to the final product line, such as if consumers are asking for additional features or functionality you initially overlooked when the device was first conceived. Further, it is less expensive to find and correct problems during initial development stages rather than once full production has been started on the new device.

For instance, while creating a new touch screen system using AKM resistive touch screen controller sensors, customers might provide feedback asking for touch screen slide control ability which was overlooked in the original product design. Depending on the level of demand, it may be fruitful to redevelop the product and include AKM’s capacitive touch sensor controllers to enable slide control.

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